Qualitopia Reusable BPA Free Silicone Drinking Straws

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Join the Plastic Free Revolution and never accept single use straws again. It’s time to change and everyone of us can do our bit – at home and in our favourite fast food joints, cafes and restaurants 

Our REUSABLE BPA-Free Straws come with two different straw sizes and are perfect for a wide variety of drinks. Use the larger, wider ones for milkshakes and smoothies and the smaller ones for fizzy drinks, cocktails and even hot chocolate.

Totally Safe and Environmentally Friendly Too

✔︎ Our straws are totally SAFE and environmentally friendly. They will last for years and best of all, our set comes in a smart recyclable cardboard pack and a handy high quality cotton bag to keep your straws in, which means you can take them with you anywhere. (There’s no plastic packaging at all – we’ve eliminated it for ever!) 

Hygienic And Easy To Clean

✔︎ Our medical grade BPA free silicone straws are really simple to clean and are very HYGIENIC . They’re brilliantly popular with kids and the different colours means there’s a favourite one for everyone!

Refuse Those Single Use Plastic Straws

✔︎ Join the Plastic FREE revolution and refuse those single use plastic straws and use your own instead. And our comes with two handy brushes – one for each size of straw, makes these straws super easy to clean.

Lifetime Guarantee

✔︎ Did we mention our lifetime guarantee? So if anything ever goes wrong with one of your straws during normal use, we will replace it free of charge. Just get in touch and we’ll sort it out pronto.

Portable and Cool – Very Cool!

✔︎ PORTABLE AND COOL! Take our straws with you in your handbag or man bag or briefcase and don’t accept single use straws anywhere – use your own. They even wrap up nicely with an elastic band around them and return to their strong shape immediately for use. (see photo) Or use our lovely cotton bag and take a spare for your friends!

Check Them Out Now And Save When Buying Two Or More Sets

✔︎ Purchase one set now – they’re fantastic as a present for children and friends. Purchase a second or third set at the same time and get 10% off your total.