Qualitopia CLASSIC Absorbent COTTON Red Tea Towels (Pack of 4)

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If you’ve been looking for CLASSIC high quality kitchen tea towels that leave your dishes and glasses SHINY AND DRY then you’ve come to the right place.

Finish the Job Quickly

✔︎ We made it our mission to find a high quality tea towel that takes you back to the days when there weren’t any dishwashers around! You know the ones – high quality cotton, LONG LASTING, GREAT TO WASH and most importantly, they did the job they were intended for – DRYING UP AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE instead of having to go over your dishes again and again to get them dry! And we reckon we’ve succeeded with these new tea towels.

Large, Lint Free and Colour Fast

✔︎ They’re LARGE ENOUGH (64cm x 40cm) to get around your biggest pots and pans, they’re SMART ENOUGH to be able to hang up and not look out of place in your nice kitchen, they’re LINT FREE because nobody wants bits falling off their tea towels and they’re COLOUR FAST, so they wash time after time without losing their appearance or shape.

Check Out Our Special Label – Especially Suitable For Children!

✔︎ ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN – we thought you may need some help to persuade your children to help you dry up so we had some fun and added this especially to the label – so you can show them it’s perfect for them! The same applies to errant partners!

Only The Best Cotton

✔︎ MADE FROM 350 GSM COTTON – it doesn’t come better than this in terms of LOOK, QUALITY AND FEEL. GSM = grammes per square metre. The higher the 350, the better quality material. Most tea towels hover around 200 GSM – we wanted much better so we went out of our way to find a manufacturer to work with us and develop the best tea towel we could make. They even re-tooled their factory to make our tea towels (at a cost to us) just so we could sell THE BEST QUALITY TEA TOWELS that DO THE JOB EFFICIENTLY AND QUICKLY.

Great Present

✔︎ NICELY PACKED – They’re really nicely packed and will make great presents. Order two sets and get 10% off your total order. Order three or more sets and get 15% off your total order.