Biodegradable Reusable Bamboo Straw Set

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JOIN THE PLASTIC FREE REVOLUTION!  Why not check out our Eco-Friendly, Reusable Bamboo Straw Set with flexible wire cleaning brush and a smart cotton bag to store them in and take with you anywhere.

Refuse Plastic Straws Forever

They’re the perfect replacement for single use plastic straws for all your drinks.  Your kids will love them and they’re very cool for adults too for those after 6pm cocktails!

Eco Friendly and Sustainable

They are EASY TO CLEAN, they will last forever, and are environmentally friendly.  They’re made from sustainable bamboo.  Our lovely straws are the same length as a standard straw and they look very smart in your long glasses.  Each straw is  20cm long, and are the perfect size for pint glasses, tall glasses and a number of shorter glasses too.  So get on board and throw away those plastic straws and start using and re-using our bamboo straws.

You’re helping a Great Environmental Charity Too

For every sale, we will donate 50p to our favourite local environmental charity here in North Devon. They’re called Plastic Free North Devon and they do amazing work here – beach clean ups, educational talks in schools on how to reduce plastic consumption and much much more. So when you buy our straws, you help them too.