About Us

Welcome to our site.  Qualitopia Ltd is a UK based, family owned, ecommerce business run by Tim and Tracey Savage with Dan Harrison and our Chief Ice Cream Taster Ethan! 

Tim and Tracey live in North Devon by the sea and Dan and Ethan live in Hampshire.  The good news for Ethan is that he gets to come down to North Devon and test taste our world famous Hockings ice cream, made in Appledore and sold only in the Hockings Vans which park up strategically all over the area to tempt us regularly!

Dan and Tim have worked together for many years on different projects and came together to build a family business that was sustainable, manageable and which delivered a quality of customer service that rarely exists today. 

We’re not trying to take over the world.  We’re trying to make a living, and have something to pass on to our children.  Oh, and we’re trying to make it as fun as possible – for us and for you, our customers and subscribers

 Anyway, that’s enough about us…so what’s happening on our site and why should you bother reading any further?

Great Offers, Competitions and Prizes

This site offers you the chance to sign up to receive great offers, be the first to receive notice of any sales we run, and the chance to enter into competitions where you can win valuable prizes.

We’re also working with partners to offer you great deals from them and we’re looking to create a site where you can read reviews on lots of household products and see which ones gets our Qualitopia Seal of Approval.  

So, it’s not just about our products although we will be showcasing them to of course.  It’s a site where you can help us to review products and tell us what you think – including our products.  Feedback means we can get better and we’re not afraid to listen to what you have to say – the good and the not so good. 

We want you to give us ideas on what you might want us to source and produce next, and where you can be 100% sure that any product we source or recommend meets our strict criteria and which meets your own standards too.

Sustainability is the Key for Us

You see, we get really hacked off when we see the supermarkets and shops full of tat – usually plastic – sold at exorbitant prices and which will be used once and thrown away.  We also hate packaging – the plastic sort that can’t be recycled and which is unnecessary.  So, we are working with all our suppliers to package up all our own products in recyclable material.

Our aim is to reduce our use of plastic packaging to none at all.  We’re constantly working with our suppliers to do this.  You see, it can be done.  It frustrates us that the big supermarkets and shops pay lip service to this still.  It’s laziness.  It takes more effort.  It costs a bit more.  But Ethan and all his generation and the future generations deserve a world and planet that isn’t choked with plastic and rubbish and pollution – killing our wildlife and killing us too!

All our products have a long life.  We aim to make them as environmentally friendly as possible and if we can source them in UK or in Europe, we do so – saving on fuel and CO2 emissions to get them to you.

Are you in business too?

Tim and Dan also run other businesses and Tracey ran her own successful business for five years.  We know what it’s like to work really hard, work extremely long hours and how it sometimes feels as though you are running through treacle when you’re trying to grow your business. 

Well, our blog will have lots of articles about how to overcome some of the challenges of being a business owner and we will give you ideas that you can implement in your own business.  Tim is a well-respected business coach in his own right and Dan is simply an ideas machine when it comes to helping other businesses see opportunities that they couldn’t see themselves.  We love helping other businesses too – it’s part of our DNA.  Expect a mix of our story of how we started this business and how we are expanding it. 

We’ll share how find and develop new products to sell and how we place a huge emphasis on only selling goods that are long lasting and packed in recyclable packaging. 

Our Partners

Look out for special offers and suggestions for you from our trusted partners.

We think you deserve the best deals and we are constantly looking for great deals we can pass on to you.  (we may earn a small commission from them sometimes)